Friday, August 14, 2015

Types of Maps Interactive Notebook Activity!!

I am on a ROLL getting my interactive notebook foldables and activities ready for this new school year!! My goal is to have the ones I need for the first month or two done and ready before the first day of school in just one week!! 

This foldable is also a pocket one (I promise the next one will be something totally different!) with 6 different types of maps (physical, political, thematic, climate, resource, and topographic). The kids will make the six pockets and glue the correct definitions down next to them. They will then cut out the maps and sort the maps into the pockets. I love how they will always be able to go back and get a refresher on what the different types of maps are and tucked safely inside are examples!! 

All sorted! The maps can tuck all the way inside the pocket!! 
Get it HERE!!
Learning about maps has never been so much fun! :) 

Happy Teaching Friends!!

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