Sunday, August 30, 2015

LANDFORMS and TYPES OF GOVERNMENT interactive notebook activity

The first week is over and we are about to begin our second... 
and I must say, I LOVE 6th GRADE!!

I am just so glad that I made the move over. The older kids seems to be my perfect niche. :) 

We have already begun our interactive notebooks, and have completed the first activity, 
the Five Themes of Geography.

You can read about this activity HERE!
I am trying to stay way ahead of the class with creating these interactive activities and this weekend I whipped out TWO more!!

The first one is landforms. 

I am really excited about this one. It takes two pieces of long construction paper and the activity which can be bought in my TpT store HERE!

I love how it can fold up to fit into the interactive notebook and then unfolds to reveal all the different types of landforms. 


Open up the flaps to reveal the landforms defintion and a picture. 

This interactive notebook set also includes posters in color that match the pictures that go in their notebooks. 

I ALSO created my types of government activity for the notebook.


This includes two flipbooks for unlimited and limited types of government for the kids to write the meanings and research examples. 

It, OF COURSE, also has a mini poster set with each type of government and the definition to use as a teaching tool. :) 

Keep an eye out for my next interactive activity!! 


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  1. Thanks so much!!! Im a student and this helped me get ahead (im in 7th grade) because I missed half of the school year. Great website for notes ideas