Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Behavior Management: REWARD SYSTEM

Moving to a higher grade makes any teacher reevaluate how she will run her classroom. In elementary using a clip chart is totally normal... but in 6th grade - I don't think so!! 

One thing I am doing differently is my reward system. Since I am teaching 6 classes everyday for only 45 minutes I needed something quick and simple. Something that not everyone is stopping to count up and turn in dojos or bucks for prizes. Something that wouldn't eat up too much time and I could be very flexible with....

Ticket bucket in my classroom. 
Get the tickets I use at amazon!

How it Works:
-Kid is spotted on task/participating/helping someone/ect...
-I say loudly "OH WOW! Billy is doing such a great job working on his map skills!"
-I give Billy a ticket (or 2 if I am feeling generous) 
-Billy writes his name on the back of it and keeps it at his desk.
-Move on with class, passing out more tickets to other children. 
-At the end of the class, when we line up, Billy will drop his ticket(s) into his class pail. 

Labels available on my TpT Store. 
...The next day or 2 days or a week later... 
-I decide it is time to draw a ticket (or 2 or 3) out of the pail.
-I tell the class that I am going to draw some tickets! 
(I envision them just bubbling with excitement!) 
-I draw BILLY's ticket!
(He is just beside himself with joy) 
-He scratches off a prize and gets it either immediately or the next day 
(depending on when I drew his ticket and what the prize is) 
-He bounces with glee and everyone else can't wait till their ticket gets drawn!!

I love this idea because I can control when and how many tickets/rewards are given.
With dojos or bucks I felt obligated to let everyone cash in for a prize at the same time for fairness and it would eat up a lot of time. With this new system I am trying out if I have 10 minutes I can draw several tickets, if we are about to leave I can draw just 1. 

Below are the step by step guide if you are interested in making your OWN scratch off board to use for individual prizes or as whole class prizes: 

1. Gather your supplies. You will need: 

Poster board, glue, scissors, scratch off stickers or scratch off paint.

to see how to make your own scratch off paint visit my post: HERE!
Buy the ones I use from amazon! 
Just click the link below.
For me, spending 7.50 is a fair trade off for what it took me to make my own scratch off paint! :)

You will also need COUPONS!
Get these HERE!
2. Cut out your coupons and glue them down on the board. Don't forget the sign! 
3. Laminate your poster. 
You could also glue coupons on the back of poster before laminating that way you
 have another board ready whenever all the front prizes are scratched off! 

4. Apply the scratch off stickers or the paint. 
It took 2 of my amazon stickers to cover the coupons. More scratch off fun for my kiddos! 

5. Display somewhere the kids can see it and be excited about it, but not in a place where they can walk up to it and start scratching all your hard work off!!
I can't wait for the first few prizes to be revealed!! 
If I can't give them their prize immediately, I will tape their ticket to the prize they scratched off as a reminder of who still needs their prize!

These Gel Pens are the #1 prize (Get Your Gel On) on my scratch off board. The older kids LOVE them!!

Happy Teaching Friends!! 

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