Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Social Studies/Geography Question Sticks

Get your map skills on!!
I am IN LOVE with this little geography review/practice question sticks activity!!

Geography Task "Sticks" instead of cards! :) 

These question sticks paired with an atlas would work perfectly as a station, center, early finisher, or individual/partner/group activity and they fit PERFECTLY on a fat Popsicle stick.

I am using it as an early finisher activity that the kids can go grab a few sticks and an atlas, head back to their desks and answer the questions.

I will use a clothes pin to show the kids which activity they can do if they finish early. If the clothes pin is on "Practice Map Skills" they will do this activity! 

All you need to create this for your own classroom is:

FAT Popsicle Sticks 
Scissors and Glue 
1. Print and cut out the question strips. 

2. Laminate for durability 

I used the extra thick lamination. All the strips fit on one sheet! 
Get what I used for lamination from Amazon!!

3. hot glue on fat Popsicle sticks. 

4. put them in a pail or cup next to your atlases and you have a ready made center/station/early finisher activity! 

The label is included in the packet from TpT!!

student recording sheet and answer key included in set! 

Students can quickly and easily practice their mapping skills using these questions in a fun way! 

This activity can easily be modified by adding "hints" for each question on the back of the Popsicle sticks!
modifying  for younger kids has never been easier! 

Get the popsicle sticks and gems I used for this activity from Amazon!!

Happy Teaching Friends!!


  1. Where do you buy your atlases? I'm trying to get a good supply of atlases for my students without spending bocoodles of money and so far I'm just finding them on Amazon...

  2. Is there any chance your early finisher card thing (where you put the clothespin to indicate what they should do) is available on your TPT store? I think it is so cute and haven't been able to make my own. Thanks!

    1. I believe they are, but if not I will add them soon!

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