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World Cultures Interactive Notebook

I am in love with my curriculum and how it is flowing. I am using interactive notebook activities as my instruction so the students are directly involved in the learning also. They aren't just sitting and getting, but actively learning with me. 

I am making these interactive notebook activities as we go, so keep checking back to see how it is going!! 

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Pages 1-4: Table of Contents
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pages 1-4 is for the table of contents. This may be too many pages or not enough (I won't know until we get there...) but I would rather have too many than not enough!! 

Page 5: Five Themes of Geography
The 5 Themes of Geography activity can be purchased HERE!
Our first lesson of the year was to introduce the 5 themes of geography. This is a staple concept that the students need to be familiar with since we will be referring back to it at each new continent and country we visit. The students wrote down the definitions of each theme behind the strips that went in the pocket and behind the flap book they researched examples of each for the U.S.A. 

Pages 6-7: Types of Maps
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These two pages are dedicated to learning the different types of maps. Students became familiar with each different type of map and sorted the maps into the correct pockets. These activity was a big hit with the kids and they still remember and can name the different types 4 weeks later! The students need to learn about these and be familiar with them because as we travel around the world, we will be looking at different types of maps. This gives them something to refer back to as the year progresses. 

Pages 8-9: Parts of a Map
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Students create the world to introduce them to parts of a map, including the continents, oceans, longitude and latitude lines and the hemispheres. In the set is also a modified version that doesn't include ribbon and has a simplified parts of map terms. These are important concepts for obvious reasons as we bop to each continent in WORLD cultures class!

Pages 10-11: Landforms
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The students learn or review the different types of land forms. This is important because as we travel the world and discuss the different themes of geography, land forms is something we discuss.

Pages 12-13: Culture
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Culture is something very important we discuss all year long in world CULTURES. The students learn about these 5 basic culture terms and different culture traits in this interactive notebook. Here we are just defining each one since it is the first time most of the students are hearing these terms or thinking of them in a new way (like music being apart of a group of peoples culture!)

Pages 14-15: My Culture Traits
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Put their culture skills to the test with this activity. Students apply what they just learned about culture to themselves in this engaging interactive notebook activity.

Pages 16-17: Types of Governments
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During this activity students learn about the culture trait: Government. Students will be exposed to unlimited and limited types of governments and learn about what each kind is. Students need to be familiar with these concepts because as we travel to each country, we will discuss their type of government. Students will be able to refer back to these pages as we land in each new country.

Pages 18-19: Freedom Week
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Students learn about the preamble during our "Freedom Week". It was nice to do this right after we learned about the different types of government because we could discuss how the constitution limits our government. Students put the preamble in their own words and in their own pictures.

Pages 20-21: Economy Systems
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The last topic the students are introduced to in a general way before we go to our first continent is the different economic systems. At each continent we will talk about the way their economy is ran.

Pages 22-23: North America
5 Themes of Geography
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Here the kids go back to the 5 themes of geography, but are now applying them to the USA and Canada. (Mexico is next unit, "Latin America"). Using a long piece of paper students create a political map of the countries of North America that flips up to reveal information. The construction paper also folds out to show a giant map of the USA and Canada that the kids use to locate all the different geographic characteristics.

Pages 24-25: North America
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Students create Culture Books over the USA and Canada and apply the terms and traits they learned about earlier to each country. Students research and explore both cultures, while recording their findings.

Pages 26-27: North America
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Students discover the way both countries run their government (referring back to the previous activity over types of government) and compare and contrast their economies using the Venn d\Diagram. The Venn Diagram flaps up, so students can tie the whole unit together by comparing the USA and Canada to each other across all concepts.

Pages 28-29: Latin America
5 Themes of Geography
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Students discover the geography of Latin America (Mexico, Central America, and South America) through self-discovery. Students will research the land and label on the map the countries, major bodies of water, urban centers and landforms. Students will record the 5 Themes of Geography over countries in Latin America in the flipbooks.

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Now, I know this isn't technically apart of my interactive notebook, but it is apart of what you get in the Latin America Unit! I am in LOVE with this activity!! Students will self discover where everything is using an Atlas and their chromebook! Perfect mini-project AND a great way to hone in their Atlas skills!!

Page 30-31 Latin America
Cultural Diffusion
Culture of Latin America (Mayans, Aztecs, Incas, Conquista

Students can explore the roots of Latin America's culture with these activities.
Also includes 6 pages of slides to use as a teaching tool.

Page 32-33 Latin America
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Students will review the Culture traits and terms with this reference sheet then they will go and discover the culture of a country in Latin America of their own choosing or one that was assigned.

Pages 34-35 Latin America
Latin America Government Interactive Notebook
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In this FREEBIE, make learning about the types of governments in Latin America more engaging!

Page 36 Ways We Modify Our Environment 
Students can discover how humans modify their environment with this interactive notebook set. It includes posters and an assessment!!

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