These are my absolute FAVORITE things to use in my classroom 
and what I consider MUST HAVES!!

I use scratch off stickers a ridiculous amount in my classroom. They turn ANYTHING and EVERYTHING into a fun surprise!! Use them to cover up names and let kids come and scratch off who their partner will be, use them to cover up rewards and kids scratch off what the prize they earned, use them to cover up centers or station choices and kids scratch off to reveal what station/center they go to... the possibilities are ENDLESS!!

If you don't have this laminator in your classroom, you need to get one! I use this to laminate all my "important" stuff like signs and labels I don't want destroyed after week like they would be using the flimsy lamination the school or teacher stores uses. This stuff comes out feeling thick and like board! I am pretty sure you could laminate a piece of tissue and not be able to bend it! HAHA!

Kids will GLADLY cut out anything and create everything if you have these as an option!! 
I have the 24 set ($41.87) and it is nice having a class set so everyone can use one and they have lasted me FOREVER!! 

A cordless one so you can reach to the highest spot on you wall without being connected to wall! I always use acrylic hot glue sticks - the hold seems way better!!

Tickets are a must have in my classroom. My entire behavior plan rides on them! 
Even if your behavior plan doesn't use tickets, you can still use them in many other ways.
Students get 5 tickets at the beginning of the week and when they need to go to the bathroom they turn one in - when they run out they are out! 
Use double tickets for partner work. Students draw the double tickets out of a bowl and match up the numbers with their partner!

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