Sunday, September 27, 2015

I am expected to hang up what??

If your district is like mine, you are probably expected to have certain things displayed in your classroom like your objects, I Can or We will statements, ELPS and a ticket out the door or closing question. 

On one board I display each days focus with the students objectives. In the middle I have their "I Can" statements (which are basically their TEKS written in a language they can understand). On the other side I have my ELPS objective and my "Closing Thought" which is just like "Ticket Out the Door" but what I felt was more open ended and can just be a question they answer verbally, an opinion they share with a neighbor or something they physically turn in. 

I truly like having this information on the board. I am constantly go back to it and referring to it during my lessons, explaining why it is important for the students to learn whatever it is we are discussing that day. 

P.S. - If you don't have that ELPS flipbook, you need to get it ASAP! 

Happy Teaching Friends!!


  1. My district is like this but being a new teacher I feel like I'm not good explaining them or even trying to refer back to them on a daily basis.

    On a different note, the I Can command hooks...did you hot glue those or use the sticky tape puffs it came with? And how did you get the washi tape so straight. I've tried and it takes forever and I gave up. It's better than border trim but getting the whole thing straight is a chore.

    1. Jen,

      One way I remember to refer back to them is by putting them directly in my presentations for each lesson. So, at the beginning of each lesson there is a slide or a reminder of some type to go over the "I Can" Statements.

      I am a hot glue fanatic and hot glue EVERYTHING (especially command hooks!) With the washi tape, I place it on top and let it dangle down, it usually falls straight by itself, if not, use a yard stick!

      Happy teaching!! :)