Sunday, June 16, 2013

It isn't a Party without a Party Hat!

I love my end of the year awards! I have done this for the past 2 years and the kids love it (kinda surprisingly... especially for the boys...) but this year I had some kids from last year come by, see the hats, and tell me how they still have theirs from last year!!

About a month before the end of the year party I tell the kids that we are going to be voting on awards for our class party. I explain how they are going to write one persons name (including themselves) next to each award. I read all the awards out loud. I usually give them a day or so before we actually vote so they can have time to "campaign" during recess and lunch. If not, then the awards will be all over the place!! 

Here you can see the "ballot" I pass out to each student with the awards and a short description. 

I also pass out a class list with all the kids names on it to each student so they can cross out the names after they use them. After they all vote I tally up the votes and we usually have to have "tie breakers" to break the ties between really close ones. The kids love these! I usually do this through activote or you could just be the tie breaker!! :) Trust me, the kids won't know the difference! I don't tell them which award they win- I let them wait and guess until the party when they are crowned with a hat!! 

After I know which student is getting which award I go to our local party supply store, Wally's, and get some colorful cheap hats. I pick up some puffy paint pens and some stickers and get creative!

At the party I invite all the parents to see which award their kid will win. With each hat I tell the parents a bit about that award, call up the winner, crown them and give them a certificate! They always look adorable with their hats on and it makes for GREAT pictures!! 

Happy Teaching Friends!!

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